Retirement Village

Project Type:

Retirement Village and Commercial Mixed Use

Project Size:

65,000 sqm


Pan An,  China

Project description:

The site is located along the river bank and on the foothills of a fairly steep mountainous terrain. The concept of the master plan is “The dragon”! The head of the dragon is commercial retail area which is completely separated from the residential area, this way it’s easier for operational management.

charles_tang_design-masterplan-concept-pan-an-china 3
charles_tang_design-masterplan-concept-pan-an-china 4
charles_tang_design-masterplan-concept-pan-an-china 5
charles_tang_design-masterplan-concept-pan-an-china 6
charles_tang_design-masterplan-concept-pan-an-china 7
charles_tang_design-masterplan-concept-pan-an-china 8
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