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Wanda Wuhan Movie Theme Park

Project Type:

Theming and Experiential Design

Project Size:

90,000 sqm


Wuhan China

Project description:

The theme park consists of Space theater, Interactive theatre, Fly theater, 4D - Fast and furious themed theatre, 5D - Star war themed theatre, Disaster themed theatre, This is one of China’s first major theming and experiential design developed by Wanda Group, designed in collaboration with Forrec, which involved world renowned theming and experiential designer Chris Stapleton and Matt McCoy. They are now experiential designer/expert collaborating with Charles Tang Design Pty Ltd.



Charles Tang Design while at Wanda Group in collaboration with Forrec.

charles_tang_design_wanda_wuhan_movie_theme_park 1
charles_tang_design_wanda_wuhan_movie_theme_park 2
charles_tang_design_wanda_wuhan_movie_theme_park 3
charles_tang_design_wanda_wuhan_movie_theme_park 4
charles_tang_design_wanda_wuhan_movie_theme_park 5
charles_tang_design_wanda_wuhan_movie_theme_park 6
charles_tang_design_wanda_wuhan_movie_theme_park 7
charles_tang_design_wanda_wuhan_movie_theme_park 8
charles_tang_design_wanda_wuhan_movie_theme_park 9
charles_tang_design_wanda_wuhan_movie_theme_park 10
charles_tang_design_wanda_wuhan_movie_theme_park 11
charles_tang_design_wanda_wuhan_movie_theme_park 12
charles_tang_design_wanda_wuhan_movie_theme_park 13
charles_tang_design_wanda_wuhan_movie_theme_park 14
charles_tang_design_wanda_wuhan_movie_theme_park 15
charles_tang_design_wanda_wuhan_movie_theme_park 16
charles_tang_design_wanda_wuhan_movie_theme_park 17
charles_tang_design_wanda_wuhan_movie_theme_park 18
charles_tang_design_wanda_wuhan_movie_theme_park 19
Charles Tang | Creative Director | Founder           T: +61 (2)89701483        E:           25 Best Street, Lane Cove NSW 2066, Australia
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