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Sahara Shopping Mall Dubai UAE

Project Type:

Retail shopping mall interior design

Project Size:

400,000 sqm


Dubai UAE

Project description:

Sahara mall is located in Dubai UAE. The concept for the public area is the continuation of modern structural expressiveness of the towers above the retail podium. The atrium area is entirely column free, as the weight of the floor is hung by the structural truss system. Way finding and signage design also reflect the design concept.


Charles Tang Design while at Saunders Global Sydney Australia.

charles_tang_design_sahara_shopping_mall_dubai_uae 1
charles_tang_design_sahara_shopping_mall_dubai_uae 2
charles_tang_design_sahara_shopping_mall_dubai_uae 3
charles_tang_design_sahara_shopping_mall_dubai_uae 6
Charles Tang | Creative Director | Founder           T: +61 (2)89701483         E:           25 Best Street, Lane Cove NSW 2066, Australia
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