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Tibet High School Masterplan and Design

Project Type:

School masterplan and design

Project Size:

40,000 sqm


Qinghai, Tibet, China

Project description:

A Hong Kong Jockey Club charity project, master-plan and design new additions to existing deteriorated school complex in the context of robust Tibetan mountains. The stepping form reflect the steep terrain, the appearance of “old bricks”are of local material and trapezium shaped windows are simplified traditional Tibetan architecture. I am so glad to see it built now, and kids are enjoying the new facilities and the magnificent mountain views from the roof terraces of these class rooms.


charles_tang_design_tibet_high_school_tibetan_mountains_china 2
charles_tang_design_tibet_high_school_tibetan_mountains_china 3
charles_tang_design_tibet_high_school_tibetan_mountains_china 4
charles_tang_design_tibet_high_school_tibetan_mountains_china 5
charles_tang_design_tibet_high_school_tibetan_mountains_china 6
charles_tang_design_tibet_high_school_tibetan_mountains_china 7
charles_tang_design_tibet_high_school_tibetan_mountains_china 8
charles_tang_design_tibet_high_school_tibetan_mountains_china 9
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