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Creekside Commercial Mixed Use

Project Type:

Commercial Office & Shopping Mall mixed use   

Project Size:

150,000 sqm


Creekside Karachi Pakistan   

Project description: 

This is one of the few 5 star shopping mall located on the ocean front of the Creek side Karachi. It consists of 4 levels of luxury shopping malls and 3 levels of state of the art commercial offices. Great atrium serves as a public and promotional area and this particular mixed use development siege the opportunity to provide the public great public spaces, where sophisticated urban culture / life style will be nurtured.

charles_tang_design-hand-sketches-architecture-portfolio 1
charles_tang_design-hand-sketches-architecture-portfolio 2
charles_tang_design_creekside_mall_karachi_pakistan 1
charles_tang_design_creekside_mall_karachi_pakistan 2
charles_tang_design_creekside_mall_karachi_pakistan 3
charles_tang_design_creekside_mall_karachi_pakistan 4
charles_tang_design_creekside_mall_karachi_pakistan 5
charles_tang_design_creekside_mall_karachi_pakistan 6
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