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Ada St boutique office and café development

Project Type:

Commercial/ Retail

Project Size:



Harris Park


Project description:

The boutique office and Café has a double height space for the front lobby, surrounded by large glass panels, where abundance of light would penetrate, the effect of this is an impressive light and airy entry space. The café next door would have double bi-fold doors, where it can join spaces with the large spacious front lobby and becoming one large function space.

The other bi-fold door will open onto the footpath, where it forms the sidewalk café; office workers can have an intellectual discussion there whenever they wish.

The western wall has a more solid appearance; it is crawled with green plants forming a “green wall”. There is also an enclosed glass sunroom as a common living area next to the roof garden, the side wall can open up entirely, and connect onto the decking area where they can have the BBQ or outdoor functions. A gym and shower, change room are also provided. This certainly set the new standard for the boutique office design in NSW Australia.


1 Ada st elev
2 North east Ada St
Charles Tang | Creative Director | Founder           T: +61 (2)89701483         E:           25 Best Street, Lane Cove NSW 2066, Australia
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