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Taizhou European Themed Retail Street

Project Type:

Hotel, European themed open retail street Mixed Use development

Project Size:

79,760 sqm


Taizhou China

Project description:

This is a design of an open retail street, it is a good example of modern representation of a traditional European village in terms of spaces and experiences, there are public squares, little casual pocket spaces, winding path, it has many village like qualities, E.G. human scale streets, intimate and casual spaces, large public squares for weekend markets and public ceremonies. 

charles_tang_design-hand-sketches-architecture-portfolio 10
charles_tang_design-hand-sketches-architecture-portfolio 11
charles_tang_design-hand-sketches-architecture-portfolio 12
Charles Tang | Creative Director | Founder           T: +61 (2)89701483         E:           25 Best Street, Lane Cove NSW 2066, Australia
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