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Chengdu Commercial Retail Apartment Mixed Use

Project Type:

Hotel and Mixed Use

Project Size:

440,000 sqm


Chengdu China

Project description: 

This mixed use project consists of a man made lake surrounded with bars and restaurants, a 5 star hotel with a rooftop garden for wedding functions.  It also has a 250m tall commercial office tower, five 100m tall apartment towers, two major shopping malls and retail streets surrounding the lake and bar strip, 

A sophisticated urban mixed use development is created for people to live sustainably. 


charles_tang_design-hand-sketches-architecture-portfolio 22
charles_tang_design-hand-sketches-architecture-portfolio 23
charles_tang_design_commercial_hotel_mixed-use_chengdu_china 2
charles_tang_design_commercial_hotel_mixed-use_chengdu_china 7
charles_tang_design_commercial_hotel_mixed-use_chengdu_china 5
charles_tang_design_commercial_hotel_mixed-use_chengdu_china 3
charles_tang_design_commercial_hotel_mixed-use_chengdu_china 4
charles_tang_design_commercial_hotel_mixed-use_chengdu_china 6
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