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Mittagong holiday houses​

Project Type:


Project Size:

250 + 268 = 518 sqm


Mittagong NSW

Project description:

This is a country retreat house in a country town called Mittagong: which is located west of the Wollongong and south of Sydney.

It is a father and son development, hence the adjacent house belongs to the son, and as he enjoys a contemporary style houses whereas his father prefers country style houses.

The country style house reflects the simple farm shed aesthetics, utilizing lightweight materials such as corrugated iron and glass. The double storey living area with large glazing, facing a natural bush setting which is to create max sense of connection with nature. The house has achieved the purpose of touching the ground lightly. Also two houses co-existed harmoniously.


Authorship: Charles Tang while at Legge and Legge Architects

Mittagong house
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