Hangzhou Mangrove Tree Resort Villas

Project Type:

Holiday resort & Hospitality

Project Size:

20,000 sqm


Hangzou, China

Project description:

The site is part of the Hangzhou Mangrove Tree resort mixed use development. There are three main components forming the concept of the villas design; they are Water, Meditation, and Bamboo forest. The design is all about bringing people closer to nature, and creating a romantic relaxed atmosphere.

charles_tang_design_hangzhou_mangrove_tree_resort_villa_china 1
charles_tang_design_hangzhou_mangrove_tree_resort_villa_china 2
charles_tang_design_hangzhou_mangrove_tree_resort_villa_china 3
charles_tang_design_hangzhou_mangrove_tree_resort_villa_china 4
charles_tang_design_hangzhou_mangrove_tree_resort_villa_china 5
charles_tang_design_hangzhou_mangrove_tree_resort_villa_china 6
charles_tang_design_hangzhou_mangrove_tree_resort_villa_china 7
charles_tang_design_hangzhou_mangrove_tree_resort_villa_china 8
charles_tang_design_hangzhou_mangrove_tree_resort_villa_china 9
charles_tang_design_hangzhou_mangrove_tree_resort_villa_china 10
charles_tang_design_hangzhou_mangrove_tree_resort_villa_china 11
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