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Helicopter Showroom & Mixed Use Development

Project Type:

Helicopter show room, retail and bar strip, residential, villas with helipads

Project Size:

392,800 sqm



Anyang City China

Project description:

This project located near high speed rail station in Anyang. It’s also near the helicopter flight school in Anyang. The project consists of a show room for private helicopters. Commercial office towers. A bar and restaurant strip, groups of apartments and private villas with helipads. The concept for the show room draws inspirations from the aerodynamic forms of the helicopter itself. The two office tower form the gate of Anyang as one arrives from the high speed railway station.

charles_tang_design-hand-sketches-architecture-portfolio 24
charles_tang_design-hand-sketches-architecture-portfolio 25
charles_tang_design-hand-sketches-architecture-portfolio 26
charles_tang_design-hand-sketches-architecture-portfolio 27
charles_tang_design-hand-sketches-architecture-portfolio 28
charles_tang_design-hand-sketches-architecture-portfolio 29
charles_tang_design-hand-sketches-architecture-portfolio 30
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