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Holiday Resort Theme Park Mixed Use Hangzhou

Project Type:

Holiday Resort

Project Size:

214,700 sqm


Hangzou, China

Project description:

The design fully exploits the river edge to provide wetlands, a water park, a traditional “water village”, streetscapes, quaysides, spas and bridges, these nestle around a conference centre, cinema park, and art and sculpture galleries, 1600 keys are distributed in three types of hotels and a range of villas. One could arrive the hotel by boat as the lobby is interconnected with a jetty, and on the way passing through an aquarium, many restaurants and bar strip, hotels and villas are planned as fan shape, it’s to best take advantage of the mountain view on the south of the river, the retail street has a clear 8 shape circulation wrapping around the lobby, so one could spend the whole day in the complex, enjoying relaxation / recreation and shopping / entertainment.

charles_tang_design_holiday_resort_theme_park_mixed_use_hangzhou_china 3
charles_tang_design-hand-sketches-architecture-portfolio 4
charles_tang_design_holiday_resort_theme_park_mixed_use_hangzhou_china 2
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